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Buffy looks back on her life before the final fight.
Song: When You Were Young by The Killers

Everyone in the Buffyverse has been out of their mind at one point or another.
Song: Out of My Mind by James Blunt

Angel is no good for Buffy, but she just can't help loving him...
Song: Stupid by Sarah McLachlan

AU- Buffy and Willow are in love but Buffy wants to keep it a secret.
During the final battle, they remember their love for each other.
Song: It's Only Love by Heather Nova

Buffy and Angel shippiness.
Song: River by Sarah McLachlan

Only memories are left for them.
Song: Grace by Kate Havnevik

An episodic for Anne made for the
Soundtrack Vidding Project
Song: Exodus by Evanescence

An episodic for Earshot.
Song: Silence is Golden by Garbage

A Buffy character study.
Song: Just a Little by Maria Mena

Shipper goodness.
Song: Boom Boom Ba by Metisse

Chronicles all of Buffy's huge fights over the years.
Song: Apocalypse Please by Muse

AU: Giles is enraged by Buffy and Angel's love so they are forced to run away.
Unfortunately he finds them and the consequences are deadly...
Song: Exit Music for a Film by Radiohead

A sad Buffy/Angel video.
Song: If You Ever Did Believe by Stevie Nicks

Wacky Buffyverse hijinx.
Song: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen

The love story of Buffy and Riley.
Song: Love is Everywhere by Bob Schneider

Buffyverse love. Longer and slower, but makes me sentimental.
Song: Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie

Even in death their love goes on.
Song: Even in Death by Evanescence

Willow/Tara love.
Song: Glass Vase Cello Case by Tattletale